American Football

FINAL from Atlantic City:

Empire - 54
Blackjacks - 35

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FINAL from Atlantic City:

Empire - 54
Blackjacks - 35


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Brian Urlacher's BEST play from every season of his Pro Football Hall of Fame career! 🐻🐻🐻 ... See MoreSee Less

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Started watching NFL a year after he retired and I'm a bears fan, gutted I never saw him in action

Hard to choose just one play from each season. There were so many great ones. #Legend

Lol obvious block in the back on Favre during the fumble return

Urlacher absolute beast

To bad he played in Chicago

Willing to bet the time he met Jerome Bettis isn't in this video, lol

They forgot the one where he got run over by Jerome Bettis at the goal line. Oh wait...

Even as a Viking fan I had respect for that dude.

Leighton vander esch 2.0

He did his best stuff against the Packers.

Imagine ... Mack ... and Urlacher... yes. 😁😁

Dolphins fan here

Here's my favorite Brian Urlacher play...

I’m a Pack fan and this dude is one of my favorite players of all time easily

Wish I seen him play in person

Can we just have him back for 1 more season?!!!!

Is it football season yet?

Imagine if he was on a different team

They are who we thought they were game......gotta love it

He's not worthy of the HOF...

I am so ready for football. And Brian was one of my favorite players. I miss watching him play.

Brian Urlacher was relentless.

I'd take Thomas over Urlacher all day.

That block on Favre @ 0:35 πŸ˜‚

FINAL from Columbus:

Valor - 29
Destroyers - 27

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FINAL from Columbus:

Valor - 29
Destroyers - 27


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Heart attack Valor

Something has to be done about the timing rules. I was in attendance today and the elimination of the 1 minute rule and forward progress rule has took the air out of the game. Speeding the game up and driven down the amount of scoring as well as amount of plays each team has (i.e. action)

Well it’s not an Ohio team if it doesn’t lose its first game

Thought it was a great game with defences putting in some serious work. If that last couple of minutes were nail biting stuff. Tough one for the Destroyers but great game to watch

What is going on with Columbus sports. Both soccer and arena football ain't winning at all.

That’s low scoring for an Arena game ...


Aardvark Nelson is no good POS ! Go Empire !!

I've seen this exact game before in First Energy Stadium

Wow, how to lose a football game in six minutes starring the Columbus Destroyers

Very weird score. Distributing low for arena football, what gives.

okay Valor!

Today was painful. Just painful.

What was this an NFL game? Where is the scoring?


When does the second half start?

The Valor are dirty as heck.... period

Attention fans: Washington Valor isn't a dirty team.. The only team that played dirty was the Orlando Predators!

Seriously.......this is getting ridiculous now. Change the rules and game back to the way it was. No one wants to see these cheap low score games in Arena football. Give us the old 70-100 point high scoring affairs. This 20-30 point crap isn’t gonna help you rebuild credibility. Go back to how it was, this is lame.

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2017 League INT leader + 2017 League TKL leader = Scary Saskatchewan Roughriders (πŸ“Έ) defence. ... See MoreSee Less

2017 League INT leader + 2017 League TKL leader = Scary Saskatchewan Roughriders (πŸ“Έ) defence.

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All the best Solly still love you

Couldn't they at least picked a stat leader from least season?

As with all things it will come down to coaching. Or if the defence is on the field too much it could break the team dynamic and cause in fighting

And no QB

And the Cryders will still finish last in the West. Lol

Key word...2017

I’m very jealous I would of signed you for the British Columbia lions 🦁 fact shoot I know why cause Wally has retired that’s why lol

How about a picture of 2017-2018 concussion leader?

ROFLMAO Did they win the Grey Cup ? What they did in 2017 was their peak and that is why they are playing for Sask this year... Welcome to the basement boys ,,, last stop before retirement or being released before the season starts ,,,

I can see the D getting 18 shut outs this season on the way to our 0-0-18 season! Crossover!

That was 2017.. not that scary..

Miss you already FishMetal!! Riders are lucky to get 54!!

Need to post a picture of Johnson and Hughes 1 and second in sacks last year

Chris Jones is gone. That defence isn’t that scary anymore. Nice try though.


IR by week 6

My heart

Come to the XFL soon.


Brian Zelinsky Scary

hi Renee if you got hit with two really dirty hits maybe you would have a concussion too

So much hate on this photo. Any sceptic here: what league did you have a league leading stat in and when? Exactly.

7 hours ago


Favre. Urlacher.

The oldest rivalry in the league. One legend on either side. (via NFL Throwback)
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Next is Mack and rogers

Such a great rivalry

Hall of Famers in the making.

Happy Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!!! You're The Best Around!!!

I've met Brian Urlacher's family in Canton back in August, nice people and happy to see him get in the Hall of Fame! -PS I'm a Lions fan

One of the best linebackers of all time

Respect for two great players

Vander esch is the new Urlacher

Miss the old Favre days.

Pffft. Tom Brady is better than both of these guys. Next...

Favre played with total heart and dedication!

Imagine having Favre and Rodgers and only winning 2 Super Bowls

Loved watching both play. Too bad Urlacher was a 🐻

I remember Farve taking a dive to gift the sack title to Strahan. It was so pathetic it is about the only thing I remember from his career. And the number of vicodin he popped it could be about all he remembers from it too.

Beast. Fast, coordinated, hard-hitting and had a nose for the ball. The play where Favre throws the pick to another defender and then starts to go for the tackle but then see’s Urlacher was funny. He sees who is blocking and just protects himself instead of going for the tackle. He’s like, oh crap! No thanks! Lol

Notice most of these scores packers were winning

In today's game urlachlor would of gotten a roughing the passer

I dont care about Favre and urlacher, I Want Pictures of Spider-man!

Wow. Watching this now, you can see a lot of Rodgers in how Favre moves his body. That little jump throw he does in the video looks exactly like Rodgers.

God those Reebok jerseys were so nice

Both over rated

Urlacher was a beast.

And The Matchup Has Been Won By Urlacher.Midway Pride.

Exactly how many games in the Urlacher era did Chicago beat Green Bay?

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"Trying to win the game." β€” Coach Claybrooks says his BC Lions are travelling to Edmonton to win, regardless of who's in the lineup. #CFL

πŸŽ₯ |
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More importantly, for our house, is the game televised?

Red hat looked better on him...

Welcome to how it must feel to leave the Champions, the CALGARY STAMPEDERS . see you chumps on the field.

Hard to take this guy serious with a hat on sideways like that. I bet he wears baggy pants that only come up past his knees too. You are a professional coach dress the part. Straight hat....straight shooter. Go Lions!!

Pfffff ha ha ha ha ha

Let him wear his hat how he wants as long as he does a good job.

Wear your headgear with some respect.. otherwise, I will have a packet of whatever you sellin

Go Riders!!!

Give your head a shake and get you hat on right πŸ€”

Looks like a knob

Who cares what he dresses like. You're all being very shallow and superficial. He's about football not fashion. Go watch a fashion show.

Put your hat on straight. You look like a punk

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