Rain Revolts Against Racing at Finale

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By Chris Campbell
Photo: Robin Simpson
Feature photo: Streetstocks have turned on the action this year at Beachlands

It has been a stellar season for the crew tasked with operating the shows at Beachlands Speedway during the 2017/18 term, the biggest hindrance being the weather! This proved to be a bugbear at the season closing show on the 21st of April with racing having to be cut short.

Streetstocks supplied the largest field with 19, and it was Matt Stewart behind the controls of the 44d Toyota Soarer who demonstrated superb skills scoring two wins. 47d Sam Cathro played the role of villain, creating carnage and handing out plenty of hits much to the delight of the small and cold audience. 55i Andrew Watson, 77d Brian Nicolaou and 76d Darrell Richards all finished the season with some decent placings. The chain race was called up early due to the rain, and maybe in the haste to connect the derby type car to the rear of each Streetstock there was a high rate of cars decoupling. Eleven begun and 3nz Jamie Lott and 345d Ben Jenkins were the most successful lasting until the finish with their cars still in tow.

Saloons fielded five for the Des MacDonald Memorial and 57d Aaron Andrews skipped away to success in the only fully completed race with 96d Mark Newall runner-up and 98d Blayr Findlay home third. The second heat was held as the rain descended, and 66d Stephen Bennett led for a number of laps despite his car pushing severely high around the corners. Andrews attempted a pass, and at the same time Bennett was wrestling his car back to the low side of the circuit and the cars connected with the front bumper of Andrews Falcon becoming wedged under the rear bar of Bennett’s. At this stage the race was abandoned and the last event of the season, the Streetstock chain race, was summoned to the dummy grid.

Ladies had an opportunity to shine at the start of the show with Production Saloons competing for the Michelle Helm memorial and Streetstocks for the Lisa Stewart Memorial. 13 Productions saw 85d Jade Mason jump the gun in the group blazing towards the front once the yellow lights stopped flashing during the lead up lap to the start. Samara Keen was a standout, showing excellent car control racing the 83d Falcon to carve through the pack, and rapidly gobble up Mason’s lead on the last lap in heavy traffic. Mason was ousted from the results due to her indiscretion at the start, and Keen claimed the accolades.

The Streetstock version had the added element of contact, and the girls delivered the action with 8d Anita Kingma spun out of the front running, then 17d Samara Keen out for another skid slammed into 99d Victoria Lavender. 77d Kim Cross had the knack of avoiding any altercations to conquer. Production Saloons contested one race, and rear wheel drives were the dominant force with 18d Hayden Batt banking a maiden win in his Holden Commodore. The Falcons of 37d Allan Kirk and 19d Michelle Cuff formed a spectacular sight surging around the extreme high line to progress from their rear grids into third and fourth respectively.

Modified Sprints snuck in two races with wins snapped up by 36c Jayden Fraser and 24i Brent Hayston amongst a pack of eight. Adult Ministocks also got two turns with 18d Allan Finch jubilant on both occasions from six starters. Youth Saloons lined up with 14, and 16i Corbyn Reed kicked off by reeling in the first race win and 98d Josh Glover grabbed the gold in race two after a neat pass on 8d Harry Greer to assume the lead. Youth Ministocks got one outing, and from the pack of six 11d Ashley Finch notched up his first ever win with older brother 18d Cody Finch running shotgun in second.