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The Summer of Ovi was one we'll never forget! Was it the Best #HockeyTwitter Moment of the Year? #NHLFanChoice

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Loved watching him celebrate.

Congratulations on back to back. Oh crap nvm

Igor Makourov David Lindberg 😍😍

Glad he eventually won a cup

Ovie is awesome

Seijoong Chu best celebrations ever

I love this guy I was so happy he got that cup

Not going to lie... Ovi carrying around the cup was my favorite part of summer 2018..

The best twitter moment was game 7 VGK vs SJS both for and against - it was internet insanity

Hockey twitter is full of immature 16 year olds that try to wheel E-girls

Best team/player to win the Cup, hands down. Their all summer long partying was so entertaining to watch and witness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The best was seeing them eliminated in the first round lol

Ryan Stiles

Can’t wait to see Tarasenko like that

Gary Vanek

Miguel Deon

No contest

What’s up, babes?


Wat a drunk

Being a Capitals fan prior to the Ovie era it was such a relief and beating the pens on the way to the Stanley cup victory was just so so sweet.

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Another showdown in San Diego.
Game 5
⏰: 10:00 ET
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Another showdown in San Diego. 
Game 5
⏰: 10:00 ET

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Win this game tonight so we can finish San Diego off Monday at Home!

Let's go wolves

Let’s Go Gulls!!!

Go Wolves!

Go wolves

Go Wolves!!! 🐺πŸ₯…πŸ’

Go Wolves!

Let's go Gulls


Go gulls!!

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A new legend will rise, but who will it be? #StanleyCup ... See MoreSee Less

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Lifelong Bruins fan and definitely going for the spoked B, but hats off to the Blues and their fans. Still remember how gracious Cards fans were in 04. Rooting for success for them .....just not this year!!!!!

Bruins have a slightly better team (probably), but the hockey Gods are finally smiling down upon St. Louis. Let's go BLUES!

I want the 'sweep then swept' trend to continue. That'd be amazing.

No better story than the Blues winning the cup this year

I want this for my blues, my city, Charles Glenn, Bobby Plager, towel man, Tom Calhoun, my fellow bluenatics. In the 30 years I've been a fan I've seen and experienced soul crushing heartache in the playoffs...I want this so bad. C'mon blues... Change that narrative once and for all. Nothing would make me happier than to fly from O'Hare to Paris in blues Stanley Cup champions gear.

Blues in 6 so they win it at home πŸ‘Œ

Blues in 3

It could very well go 6 or 7 games. Both teams are top notch. Go blues!

Blues in six. Mark it. Screen shot it.

I've been all psyched up for the final series, may the best team win...LET'S GO BLUES πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ†

As a Sharks fan I am going for the Blues. It’s time for a new name on the cup. And another new name next year..

The Blues deserve it! Last to first!

Jordan BinningtonπŸ₯…! Stanley Cup MVP! GO BLUES!!!

Bruins in 6

Blues, redemption and it’s gonna be one hell of a party in STL!

BLUES will even the scORR! Play GLORIA!

May Schwartz be with you!!! The new legend!

Congrats to both teams for making it to the final! Let’s Go Blues!

Let’s go blues!! We want the cup!!!

Blues from last to first...and Binnington's Rookie season makes history. 5 games

Bruins win game 1 and 2 it’s a 🧹 sweeeeeeeep !!!!!! If we split the first two games then the Bruins will win the series in five

I despise the bruins but that bobby orr goal will always give me chills

Cant wait to watch this series been such a crazy year filled with heartache (hawks fan). But the playoffs this year has been insane.

Bruins in 5. Rask with MVP. Marchand most points. Hammmmmmer daaaaahn.

Bruins in 5 on home ice Tuuuuuka wins MVP.. wooo

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The St. Louis Blues celebrate their 5-1 victory over the Sharks in Game 6 to move on to the Stanley Cup Finals πŸ†

Quest for the Stanley Cup has the inside look at teams' journeys, exclusively on ESPN+
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Bruins in three.



Too bad the Blues had to cheat to get there

I knew Blues are afraid of Shark. Cause they are best! They took out top three players. Fate will come to Blues.

4 more glorias, blues!


Didn't think I'd still feel strongly but yeah, let's go Blues for one more round

Go blues

Didn't think ESPN knew anything about hockey anymore

When did ESPN start reporting on hockey?

Bluesers in 4 Bruins in ruins!

Wonder what the ice will be like considering days are wasting away and it's getting hotter and hotter...

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πŸ‘ Congrats to Karl Caslib, winner of the #NHLGWC Canadian Regional Final!

He and Matthew Grenier are on their way to Vegas for the Final on June 18.
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πŸ‘ Congrats to Karl Caslib, winner of the #NHLGWC Canadian Regional Final!

He and Matthew Grenier are on their way to Vegas for the Final on June 18.

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Georges FarhoodMak AlameddineNicolas Khzm


L2, L2, L2, L2, L2, L2, L2, L2, L2, wraparound score. Nhl 19.

Lemme get in this tournament πŸ˜‚

I can beat them both at NHL '94.

Cameron Young Gren probably the kind of guy that does d to d one timers


Young graine

Absolute athletes..

Game sucks! No skill at all, just people playing computer defense and auto locking hits. You literally just push the analog stick forward to automatically lock on to your opponent. Hope 20 is better.

Francis Simard Sam Mainguy

Here we go. The nhl glorifying video game exploiteurs.

This is actually worse than covering WWE. I'm impressed

Who cares lol the EA NHL franchise is a joke anyway... #bringback2k

Wow great job for mastering the game that has had the same AI since 1994 because tradition never changes

Yung Gren is the greatest glitcher of our era.

I spend most of my time on NHL 19 in the penalty box. It's not my fault they let me make my guy nearly the size of Shaq. Lol.

Have smashed yunggren before.

Man do they look excited to be going to the finals

I could beat both those scrubs.

Rip matthew again🀣

Mothers lock up your daughters!

Dude on the right looks like someone used the baby filter on MacKinnon

Charlie (aka whatthepuckchuck) would have won if he hadn't been on the IR for that thumb blister.

just dont sign to faze

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Australian Ice Hockey League

LIVESTREAM: MELB ICE v NEWCASTLE NORTHSTARSGame two in our double header weekend is against Melbourne Ice. The puck drops at 2pm.

You can watch the game here:

More information on the Northstars website:
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Australian Ice Hockey League

A must win game for the Thunder against the Bears Sunday, make sure you are at PIA to support the boys in a season turner, the game starts at 4.30 tickets at the link below, down miss this game! ... See MoreSee Less

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Are you ready for the #StanleyCup Final?
Take a look at some of the #AHLAlumni who will be competing for the NHL's ultimate prize this year.
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Are you ready for the #StanleyCup Final? 
Take a look at some of the #AHLAlumni who will be competing for the NHLs ultimate prize this year.

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The Charlotte Checkers Hockey Club scored not one but TWO shorthanded goals last night in their Game 5 win. #CHAvsTOR ... See MoreSee Less

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Go back to the ECHL

Checkers suck

The PK is dialed in!

Yes they did!!! Thank goodness the pk is doing great!

Whew! Go Checkers.

Yeah baby πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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We've got some Saturday night hockey coming your way tonight. #CalderCup
#AHLMorningSkate β†’
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Weve got some Saturday night hockey coming your way tonight. #CalderCup 
#AHLMorningSkate β†’

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Let’s Go Wolves!!! 🐺πŸ₯…πŸ’

Still can’t believe they schedule back to back games during playoffs. Go Wolves

LETS GO WOLVES!!! Take tonight

We got this wolves just like last night

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