I’d love to thank our subscribers and followers for their readership and kind messages of support and praise over the month. It really is a motivator to hear how well the content from our fist issue has been received.

Before we get into it this month, I’d like to issue an apology for a couple of delays. Our last issue was on time to print and our distributors but was unfortunately delayed in making it to the end user, by the vagaries of NZ Post.

This month, we are slightly behind schedule, largely due to an untimely dose of Covid which hit me hard over the days before the deadline.

I’d would like to commend Allan Batt for his contribution this month; ‘When God Raced in Paradise”, an in-depth piece of writing reviewing the great AJ Foyt’s visits to New Zealand. As you’re aware, we’re still new to this gig and this was a welcome addition through educating us with some history.

There’s a lot of love for the Superstocks in this issue following teams competitions at Waikaraka Park and Huntly since we last went to print. It’s only fitting our feature focuses on one of those teams, the Kihikihi Kings. It’s been awesome to chat with Euan Means, Matthew Picard and the great Gav Taniwha for this article, and I thank them for their time. I hope I’ve done your team justice.


We’ve also included an opinion piece from Jody Scott discussing the NZ title rotation system, which we took to Speedway NZ to get a response. Their reply is on the pages following his piece.

I’d also like to take the time to emphasise the points made by Speedway New Zealand President Ricky Boulton in the middle of the magazine.