Ministocks in Paradise

The team at NZ Dirt Track Racing are proud to announce a brand new partnership, taking on naming rights of the 2019 Ministocks in Paradise event at TWS Paradise Valley Speedway, Rotorua.

Ministocks in Paradise is annually New Zealand’s biggest youth Speedway event and one of the biggest competitor counts anywhere in the country. Last season, more than 130 Youth Ministocks took to the track in Rotorua, fighting to etch their names into the history books.

For us here at NZ Dirt Track Racing, sponsorship of MIP continues the expansion to support youth racing in NZ, following on from the launch of the two-page Next Generation column in our magazine. Not only will Dirt Track take on naming rights of the event, but we will also be in attendance and are already working on ideas to add even more support to the event.

“We are excited to partner up NZ Dirt Track Magazine with NZ’s biggest SNZ Youth Ministock event, and for what this partnership will be able to do for a meeting that is top priority for so many of our Youth annually. These kids are the future of our sport, there are so many champions in, not only our Adult classes, but also the likes of Richie Stanaway, who cut their teeth at MIP. The more exposure they can get the better it will be for our sport. Thanks to Dirt Track for taking up the challenge,” commented Sonja Hickey, Promoter.

The 2019 edition of the NZ Dirt Track Racing Ministocks in Paradise was held Friday 8th & Saturday 9th February, with full coverage in the March 2019 issue of NZ Dirt Track Racing Magazine.

Ministocks in Paradise – Seniors History

16th2017/18Damon Smith 81wLuke McClymont 5mWilliam Hart 7s
15th2016/17Dylan Tower 96rDion Henderson 45kBradley Podjursky 89s
14th2015/16Dylan Tower 96rDylan Marshall 57hRegan Penn 5b
13rd2014/15Joshua Patterson 31wRegan Penn 5bJames Wong 22r
12th2013/14Johnathon Morley 24gBen Neave 71hJack Brown 82a
11th2012/13Max Bailey 98bMichael Fleet 43rJoshua Patterson 31w
10th2011/12James Mallia 99pMax Bailey 98bTodd Jenkins 13w / Keegan Levien 46w
9th2010/11Blake Ellett 4wZach Lawrence 22bJayden Musgrove 59w
8th2009/10Quinn Ryan 46bCaleb Moleta 76pPeter Hunnibell 7a
7th2008/09Jason Long 41bChristian Hermansen 46pRyan Smith 84m
6th2007/08Jamie Larsen 82wJason Long 41bChloe Corban 16a
5th2006/07Travis Gooch 7gMitchell Buck 88hJamie Larsen 82w
4th2005/06Ken Hunter 37rJason Larsen 28wTravis Gooch 7g
3rd2004/05Ryan Hunt 29mChase Rooney 74wMichael Aulding 74r
2nd2003/04Richard Pearce 9aDouglas Stanaway 39rBoyd Westbury 71r
1st2002/03Kurt Johnson 97mBradley Turrell 14rRyan Hunt 29m

Ministocks in Paradise – Juniors History
8th2017/18Louis Redshaw 7pCody Hodge 21pTerence Dorrell 212r
7th2016/17Tyler Ingram 16aMitchell Fabish 95rSeth Hodge 12p
6th2015/16Luke McClymont 5mMarshall Zachan 97bDamon Pinkham 43r
5th2014/15Josh McClymont 71mCallum Sturzaker 15vEthan Levien 46w
4th2013/14Sam Smith 35wCam Roigard 18hThomas Rumble 4b
3rd2012/13Dean Cooper 84rHayden GreenhalghBritney Orr 7r
2nd2011/12Tyson Wright 55rTrent Palamountain 28bJohnathon Morley 24g
1st2010/11Bradley Marsh 67mJohnathon Morley 24gKeegan Levien 46w